Summersault 2018 – #TheHottestMusicFestival

Summersault 2018 – #TheHottestMusicFestival

Music is one of those art forms which connects every individual with his comfort zone. Music is that magical connection between the listener and his happy place. With every musical beat, you seem to get lost in a land where you feel free as well as happy. Summersault was a concert which had a single motive that of giving the audiences such a wonderful experience that they would not forget it for the following years to come. Everyone coming for the event doesn’t simply come for the sake of being there but to take back a special moment or a unique experience that he may cherish for the rest of his life. Through Summersault we were actually able to add the spice of the young crowd with different musical genres and such a simple musical concert into a memorable one.

Summersault 2018 was a two-day music festival which featured the roaring musical stars of Bollywood. Musical stars such as Farhan Akhtar, Vishal- Shekhar, Badshaah and Mikka Singh made their flamboyant appearances which made the young public go berserk with every beat that was being played by each one of them. The crowd also experience a number of filler performances like Daw Geek and many more. We as a creative agency entered the planning process hand-in-hand with Sakaal Times since day one. A simple brief was laid down by the Sakaal Times team which made us break our traditional routes and venture out in search of something new so as to give the event a twist. The theme was set to be summer based as the event was coined as Summersault and was set for execution for the month of April. The whole theme set was a tropical theme. The promotions for the event went into full swing from digital- Social Media Campaigns to, print advertisements and hoardings. The idea of a music festival around summer had been an instant hit with the inception of the ticket booking for the show. Right from managing artists to catering all the demands of their crew members was managed diligently by team Saket. Team Saket gave its hundred per cent backstage to make the show a raising masterpiece of success on- stage. Each every artist performed with all their heart and the best of their vocal skills to make the audience teleport to wonderland. The audience literally came flocking to the stadium just to get a glimpse of the artists as they set the stage ablaze. Team Saket was able to pull off such a massive event with great efficiency in a very limited time span. Summersault has in a way elevated our overall experience while working as a team to churn out some quality work. We are more than pleased to have received such a great opportunity of working on to something so unique and grand that it has added big value to our kitty!


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