Shaurya – Bravery Lives Large

Shaurya – Bravery Lives Large

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“Bravery accepts no compromises. Courage doesn’t hesitate from sacrifices. The brave live their life on the edge..and they live it large. So when it is a matter of their own homes, why should they accept anything less than large?”

Shaurya Residences was the brainchild of Saket Communications for 3 S Properties, a client that wanted to build homes for defense personnel. As the message was clear, we thought of building a communications campaign on “bravery”- Hence, a lion perfectly epitomized the logo for the project.

Print Ads, Outdoor Ads, Radio Jingles, Social Media – The concept of bravery started rolling everywhere. People started talking about it as they could see the Lion roaring on all platforms.

The Launch Campaign had to be different. The client wanted to attach it to a CSR Activity. We roped in Naam Foundation, a social initiative to help drought-affected farmers in Maharashtra. Our team met Nana Patekar and Makrand Anaspure and the welcomed the thought process.

They agreed to attend the launch ceremony. The project was launch at the hands of Nana Patekar who spoke about the plight of farmers and the importance of such events. 3S Properties donated money towards the cause. They also donated a JCB to support the work done by Naam foundation.

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With a successful launch, Team Saket has put another feather in its cap.. and we are ready for our next challenge.

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