Punyatli Gaadi – Driving Happiness Around

Punyatli Gaadi – Driving Happiness Around

We, Team Saket, are in the business of storytelling through various mediums. We think, innovate, conceptualize, design and execute stories every day. One such amazing story is Punyatli Gaadi

The Name

It all started with a thought from one of our top clients  – B. U. Bhandari. They have been active in Pune’s changing scenario for past 98 years and are now known as one of the top dealers of Volkswagen Cars in the world. As Volkswagen Ameo is designed and manufactured in Pune, we decided to redesign Ameo and named it Punyatli Gaadi.


The Philosophy

Based on the philosophy of ‘Driving Happiness Around’, this vehicle will be active in various social initiatives.

The Strategy

The promotions started with a teaser of social media pages.

Followed by teasers in local newspapers during Ganpati festival. The logo was placed prominently for brand recall without letting much details out.

The nerve of young audience was caught in this ad in local newspapers.

and a few radio spots –

The Grand Launch

Punyatli Gaadi was unveiled during one of the events at B. U. Bhandari – TSD( Time, Speed and Distance).

The Social Connect

At the recent Children’s Day, Punyatli Gaadi traveled to H. U. Dhotre Free School, Fulgaon to creatively repaint the school building. With the help of artists from Saket Communications and Chitraleela Niketan Kala Mahavidyalaya, the school was facelifted and gifted to students.




The Press Coverage

Local newspapers and international publications have taken cognizance of this innovative concept and has been talking about it since launch.

Keeping in mind the social responsibility, this vehicle would be the facilitator for many social causes including blood donation to driving the newborns home. Indeed, the vehicle would be used for “Driving Happiness Around”.

Both B. U. Bhandari Auto and Team Saket are proud about this. #whatnext

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