Pakka Puneri – Jalan Group

Pakka Puneri – Jalan Group

When you plan to do business in Pune, you really have to make sure you fit in. Although very progressive and educated, Punekars are pretty uptight about who they let in their elite circle of being a Punekar.

So when a big brand like the Jalan Group of companies came to us with a problem, we were taken by surprise. Now it so happened that the group who is into real estate and constructions, had noticed that many of their projects were given a stepmotherly treatment by Punekars living in the city areas and ‘Prabhat Road’. Perplexed about the possible causes, the client came to us to dig deeper and give them a transparent report on where they fall short.



Well, we did our study and found that the problem lied not in the group’s services or work. It was in the name itself and their image. They needed a good brand building exercise because Punekars associated the brand as ‘outsiders’ who may not understand their city as well as other builders who were from Pune.Made In Pune

Smiling, we took up the case and knew what we had to. It was with this background that we conceptualised the ‘Made in Pune’ campaign. We began a series of articles in various newspapers along with outdoor hoardings at key locations in Pune that spoke about the biggest USP’s of Pune. Right from Shaniwarwada to the Bakarwadi and Vaishali, everything that people loved about Pune was covered- and all with the tagline ‘Made in Pune’. Along with Jalan Group, Saket also felicitated some of the renowned people from Pune who worked in various fields.

Jalan Group may not have been Punekars for generations, but they were ‘Made in Pune’ too. Their business was set up here and their biggest projects were in Pune. And that was the connecting punch line- that the Jalan Group was Made in Pune too!

A classic brand building exercise if you ask us. It fared so well with the people that Jalan Group’s identity with their logo came to be known across the city. As a result of this campaign, the group received more than 86 offers of redevelopment projects where they successfully took up 38 projects! Now that’s a big number for a group who was considered an outsider just a while before this campaign!

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