Majestique Landmarks – Breaking The Rates

Majestique Landmarks – Breaking The Rates

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One of our real estate clients, Majestique Landmarks Pvt.Ltd. recently launched one of the biggest campaigns in Pune. With 5 different projects in 5 different locations in the city, they had much business to cater to. Since sales were the main target, the concept of “Flat 30% off” was taken ahead.

Majestique Landmarks wanted to set a new trend in the real-estate sector of Pune. They wanted to make a big noise about it. They came up with a brilliant proposition that would change the face of real estate in Pune. This was the first time wherein a real estate company was giving a flat 30% ‘discount’ on homes similar to the retail industry.

Saket Communications worked on a direct but catchy creative route. The campaign’s concept revolved around the concept- ‘Breaking Rates’ with Priyanka Chopra as its brand face. Outdoor media was utilized heavily with around 125-150 hoardings and 500 bus panels that were seen all over the city for more than 10 days! Print, radio, digital and other OOH media were utilized to supplement the outdoor publicity.

The campaign was such a big hit that Majestique Landmarks received over 600 conversions, 10,000+ inquiries via calls and around 30,000 walk-ins at the 5 sites together.

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