Creating a Social Media Language for A Legend – Shankar Mahadevan

Creating a Social Media Language for A Legend – Shankar Mahadevan

Is it a challenge or a cakewalk to create a brand language for an already renowned and beloved brand? Well, thankfully we took it up as a challenge and turns out we nailed it! The brand we are talking about isn’t a product or a service but a person- a super famous musician, Shankar Mahadevan.


Yes, Team Saket was called upon by Shankar Mahadevan himself to manage his social media pages and create a unique brand identity for his social media presence. A daunting task if you ask us- the musical genius has a following of over 6 lakhs fans on his facebook page alone. Creating posts that would appeal to all these different people while keeping Shankar’s ethos intact was an interesting project.


Our final product? A subtle yet charming creative route that uses musical notes as a language of expression. Apt for a musician fluent in Hindustani classical music as well as western music eh? Well, the thousands of people who liked and commented words of love on the following posts certainly thought so. And so did Shankar Mahadevan as our client. He only has words of praises for the creatives as well as the short yet expressive copy that went along with it.

V Dya

Check out the work yourself and be sure to like and follow Shankar Mahadevan’s page on Facebook to find more of our latest work!

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