Katyaar To Kajrare- Shankar Mahadevan Live in Concert -Nagpur

Katyaar To Kajrare- Shankar Mahadevan Live in Concert -Nagpur

Shankar Mahadevan’s thrilling concert Katyaar to Kajarare was back with a bang this december. This time it was Nagpur, the Orange City! Hosted by NMC(Nagpur Municipal Corporation), the event took place at Yashwant Stadium in Dhantoli. The show was made free this time and it was a full House! A whopping audience of 40K people attended the show. Ten thousand other people had to go back because the stadium had reached its full capactiy to accomodate the audience. The whole venue was buzzing with energy and the audiences were charmed by Shankar Mahadevans’s magical voice.

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Genelia – The perfect jewel for Chandukaka Saraf

One of the most innovative and growing jewellery brands of Maharashtra– Chandukaka Saraf Jewellers needed a fresh face which is loved by the people of Maharashtra.They wanted to change the perception the people had about diamonds and make them realise that diamonds can also shine on a commpon man’s body. Hence, they wanted a brand face that that belonged to a tradtional Maharashtrian family which would take the brand to a whole different level.

Genelia Dsouza Deshmukh with team Saket

Saket Communications being their Celebrity Management agency was rightly approached for the same two years back. We suggested them that Genelia Dsouza would be a perfect choice for endorsing their brand,to which they agreed. An unanimous decision was taken that Genelia will be the face for Chandukaka Saraf Jewellers and a two year contract was signed accordingly.

After finalising all the terms, Team Saket started working on the shoot scheduling, costume designing and all the other details.Entire campaign, right from appearances to photo shoot execution and logistics was done by Team Saket. Jatin Kampani,one of the top five photographers from the industry shot the most beautiful pictures of Genelia Dsouza at Mehboob Studio,Mumbai.

Jatin Kampani and team Saket

It was a very successful shoot which was shot on a pleasant sunday morning at one of the most happening studios in Mumbai. The shoot started at 9 in the morning and lasted till 5 in the evening. There were six to seven costume changes and equal number of jewellery changes.

Genelia Dsouza being one of the most adored face in India, gave the perfect visibility to Chandukaka Saraf jewels which looked extremely mesmerizing on her.The association has been going really well as the trio of client – celebrity and agency has been going well for last 2 years. Genelia Dsouza is happy with it and has appreciated  the way how Team Saket works and manages her.The success goes hand in hand as everyone involved in this amalgamation has had a steady growth over the years. We hope to continue doing so.

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Priyanka Chopra – Brand Face for Mantra-Majestique

Mantra logo , Majestique logo

One of the most visible real estate brands in Pune of today – Mantra Properties – Majestique Landmarks was not always popular. Inspite of being in the real estate sector for a while, they were not visible much. Hence, they wanted a brand face that would uplift the brand to a whole new level. They approached Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra to be their brand face. We were nowhere in the picture until then. Priyanka Chopra suggested them to work with Saket Communications as she was aware of the Vidya Balan Campaign we had done previously.

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Creating A Social Media Language For A Legend – Shankar Mahadevan

HoliIs it a challenge or a cakewalk to create a brand language for an already renowned and beloved brand? Well, thankfully we took it up as a challenge and turns out we nailed it! The brand we are talking about isn’t a product or a service but a person- a super famous musician, Shankar Mahadevan.

Yes, Team Saket was called upon by Shankar Mahadevan himself to manage his social media pages and create a unique brand identity for his social media presence. A daunting task if you ask us- the musical genius has a following of over 6 lakhs fans on his facebook page alone. Creating posts that would appeal to all these different people while keeping Shankar’s ethos intact was an interesting project.

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Vidya Balan – All That Glitters

RankaOne of our oldest clients then – Ranka Jewellers wanted to do something out of the box for the launch of their 6th Shorwoom on Sinhagad Road in Pune.With a strong relation of around 20 years, they knew Saket Communications would do justice to their thoughts.

The launch had to be massive! Ranka Jewellers have a rich legacy in Pune. We had to match their legacy with someone mainstream. We were looking for a face that would be universally accepted and one that would epitomize “Being Indian” to the core..who better than Vidya Balan!

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