A Human ‘TOUCH’ to Brand Building

A Human ‘TOUCH’ to Brand Building

In the advertising industry, we often create brand communications, but it’s not always that we get the opportunity to give expression to the human side of a brand. We got this opportunity with B. U. Bhandari, one of the largest business houses in Pune.

BUBL Group Timeline

For over 95 years, B. U. Bhandari Group has served and operated in several industries like automobile, real estate and fashion. What binds all their ventures is the common thread – the way the brand relates with everybody, their customers, partners, employees and people in general. This is what offers personality to the brand B. U. Bhandari.

Touch LogoWe wanted to give an expression to their brand personality and the ‘Touch’ initiative was launched. ‘Touch’ seeks to go beyond regular advertising and promotions and connect with everybody, not only customers. It is not a time-bound but continual initiative and is being carried out mainly through digital platforms. Visuals were created with a continuous line, without a beginning or an end, to give expression to the brand philosophy of ‘Touch’.

This initiative has been receiving overwhelming response, so much so that the National Defence Academy noticed the work and invited B. U. Bhandari ‘Touch’ to become the title sponsor for the annual NDA Ball in 2015. This was one of the happiest moments for the Group during their business journey.

Service beyond transactions remains the motto of B. U. Bhandari and TOUCH is the guiding light to steer the group towards a bright future that truly connects people.

A well-thought concept can turn into a philosophy and can bind the group together. We realized this through TOUCH. A philosophy that is close to our heart, Team Saket is happy to work on developing the philosophy… and as usual.. we are ready for our next challenge.


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