A Hook is all it takes – Bhujbal Brothers

A Hook is all it takes – Bhujbal Brothers

BhujbalWhen we talk about work that we did which received tremendous response, our campaign for Bhujbal Brothers’ real estate group comes to mind instantly. There is a reason for this. In 2013, the group approached Saket with a clear requirement- they had 10 different real estate projects in Pune which needed to be publicised and eventually of course, they needed to be sold.
After our careful analysis of the brand and its target audience, we noticed that most of the buyers were Maharashtrians who had enough money to buy a comfortable home, but, were very picky about splurging a big amount of money.

We all had our thinking caps on about how best to put forth the client’s requirement through a campaign. A few days passed and we still weren’t finding anything worth sticking to.

And then one fine day, as most brilliant ad men would describe their ‘Aha! Moment’, our MD Soumendu Kuber, got his own. He was out shopping with his mother when a vegetable seller exclaimed earnestly, “Madam, ek baar dekh toh lo!”

4- Event- Ek Baar Dekh To Lo- Site Branding
And that was it! We had a campaign in place! The Bhujbal Brothers group needed just this. A very basic yet meaningful line that did not try to hustle clients into buying their homes but simply invited them to come and take a look at what they had to offer.

We suggested that they host an event where people could come and take a look at their different offerings. This event will be hosted as a exhibition or a get together of sorts where information about the 10 new projects will be displayed and explained to prospective buyers. The idea was welcomed by the group and they hosted their event at Siddhi Gardens near Mhatre Bridge, Pune.

And what a response they got because of the campaign. The line “Ek baar dekh toh lo” appealed to people so much that more than 2000 people came to the exhibition and they sold flats amounting to Rs. 86 crores where Saket’s target through the campaign was actually only about 42 crores!!

It is true then, inspiration can strike at the most unexpected places. But what you do with this stroke of genius is the key to making a campaign work or not. For Bhujbal Brothers and many of our other clients, it certainly worked.
Have you got any such stories of an unexpected “Aha!” moment? Do share your thoughts in the comments below and we would love to know about it.

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